Adopting a pet can bring so much happiness and joy into the home. Although, you may notice that you find yourself cleaning the house more often.  If your pet is coming in and out of the house due to the Arizona heat. In addition, you’ll fine between the dirt and bugs and playing in the water, they tend to bring in a variety of germs and bugs. And it is important to get the best carpet cleaning for pets for your home to maintain the cleanliness and healthiness of the home. Sunrise Chem-Dry strives to give you the best pet carpet cleaning.

Importance of Cleaning Carpets More Often

While vacuuming the carpets go a long way to remove dander and most of the fur it is important to really get down into the carpet fibers. It is recommended that homes with pets get their carpets cleaned more often than homes without them. Research says every 6-8 months is when you should get a deep carpet cleaning done. This is especially important to keep up with when a new little child is brought home. Certain bacteria such as salmonella and listeria that come from dogs can cause infections in humans. And so getting a very deep cleaning down in the carpet fibers is very important to insure the healthiness of your home.

Pet Urine Removal Treatment 

Getting a new little pet is very exciting but then comes the point of trying to house train them. Sunrise Chem Dry uses an enzyme treatment that can knock out any pet odors and urine that occur in your house. The off-gas can last up to 5 years just in and of itself. Meaning that every time that area becomes wet or every time humidity and heat strike it will cause the smell to become stronger. The pet odor removal treatment gets to the very backing of the carpet and down into the carpet fibers. We are able to remove not only the smell and the stain, but also the bacteria that goes along with urine.

Safe Cleaning To Be Around Pets

Sunrise Chem Dry uses a green certified solution, making it completely safe to be around your pets. Pets are supposed to be like little additions to the family so we wouldn’t want to cause anything to interact badly with them. The Natural does not contain any harsh chemicals or irritants that will cause any physical reactions. Sunrise Chem Dry holds its stance that it provides the best carpet cleaning for pets.
best carpet cleaning for pet urine

best carpet cleaning for pet urine

Pets and clean homes make a happy home