VCT Floor Cleaning and Burnishing


VCT should be cleaned and maintained regularly. We recommend doing burnishing every 4-8 months and once a year a new waxing. In addition,  properly maintained floor will last for years. Depending on your needs and requirements, a routine strip/coat, scrub/re-coat, and burnishing are all great options. Impress your customers with clean, shiny floors and commercial carpet cleaning.

  • Eliminates 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces
  • Safe for all surfaces including food-contact surfaces like kitchen counters and appliances
  • Hypo-allergenic and free from harsh chemicals
  • Fast-acting so surfaces are safe to use quickly
vct floor cleaning

VCT Floor Cleaning Maintenance Schedule


  • Annual scrub/re-coat
  • Monthly burnish


  • Quarterly scrub/re-coat
  • Weekly burnish
  • Annual strip/re-coat


  • Monthly scrub/re-coat
  • Burnish 2-5 times/week
  • Annual strip/re-coat

VCT Floor Cleaning Service We Offer

Strip/Coat – The Chem-Dry franchisee removes all of the existing floor finish from the VCT floor and applies the Chem-Dry High Gloss floor finish.

Scrub/Re-Coat – The Chem-Dry franchisee removes the damaged top layers of VCT finish and applies 2-3 coats of Chem-Dry High Gloss floor finish.

Burnishing – The Chem-Dry franchisee sweeps and mops the floor and then using our High-Speed Burnisher and Burnishing solution polishes the floor to a high gloss while hardening the floor finish and creating a more durable surface.