If you have pets, you know the struggles and frustrations all too well. Our pets are adorable bundles of joy, but when they have accidents it can put a damper on your mood. Whether the accident be out of frustration or not making it outside quite in time, it is never a happy discovery. These pet stains can cause severe damage to our carpets. No matter how much time your spend cleaning the carpet, the discoloration never seems to disappear. If your carpet is damaged or has a distinct urine odor, this blog is just for you! I am going to be explaining why Sunrise Chem-Dry is the best for pet carpet cleaning services.

The urine odor can last up to three years if it is not completely removed. This means that the odor from your carpets will be something you need to live with for 1,095 days before it goes away on its own. Nobody wants to have to deal with the smell of pet urine for that long (at least I don’t!). Sunrise Chem-Dry has the solution to remove urine odor from your carpets entirely!

After a ton of research and perfecting, Chem-Dry created a product called P.U.R.T. (pet urine removal treatment). This product has the ability to break down urine and remove it entirely. This enzyme treatment works like magic. Technicians will use a special light to pinpoint the exact place in which the urine was deposited. Once located, P.U.R.T. is applied to the effected area and begins to work. For 24 hours the product will break down and dissolve the urine, leaving your carpets urine and odor free!

Pet Urine

Pet Urine

Your carpets can still be cleaned while the P.U.R.T is working as well. Sunrise Chem-Dry will both treat the area and clean it to ensure your carpets are good as new! To be considered the best pet carpet cleaning service, you have to be able to have amazing results. Sunrise Chem-Dry has wonderful Yelp reviews from happy clients that have had this service done. Do not take my word for it, look at what many have had to say about the P.U.R.T treatment.

“Sunrise Chem-Dry saved my carpets! I have a senior dog who doesn’t always make it outside to use the bathroom and my bedroom was covered in urine. I tried every cleaning product imaginable before believing that I would need to get my carpet replaced entirely. Then I took a shot in the dark and called sunrise chem-dry, they offered a pet urine treatment called P.U.R.T. and then cleaned my carpet with a pet friendly solution. Not only does my bedroom smell like summer breeze but it looks and feels BRAND NEW! The technicians were kind, knowledgeable and quick. On top of that, I paid exactly what I was quoted and was not blind sided at all.
I would recommend this company to anybody!” – Tissy S.

It is not uncommon for pets to have accidents and as a pet parent, I am sure your understand. If you are tired of the urine odor make sure you are getting the best pet carpet cleaning service to ensure the odor does not return. Sunrise Chem-Dry has been providing pet carpet cleaning services for over 10 years! These professionals know what they are doing!

“I have been using Sunrise Chem-Dry for over 5 years now. They are always reliable and extremely knowledgeable.  My carpet always looks like new once they are done which is not an easy task since I have 4 dogs.  I have recommended them to my friends and family and they never disappoint.” -Jenni N. 

Sunrise Chem-Dry understands family and wants nothing more than for your entire family, furry or not, to be safe and healthy. It is important that your home is not loaded with chemicals and toxins when it is being cleaned. This is why Sunrise Chem-Dry uses only green certified solutions to clean your carpets, upholstery and tile! The green certified solution, referred to as The Natural is safe for both children and pets!

A pet carpet cleaning service should always provide exceptional results and long lasting cleans. Sunrise Chem-Dry ensures that cleaning is done correctly and that it will last a long time. Rather than advising clients to get their carpets cleaned every 3 months, Sunrise Chem-Dry advises you only get them cleaned every 6 months to a year. This is proof that the cleaning lasts and your and your furry little friends will be safe and happy!Carpet Cleaning

If you are concerned about the germs and bacteria that urine leaves behind then that is nothing to worry about. Sunrise Chem-Dry offers a ton of safe and healthy products that will keep your carpets cleaner longer and safer!


Urine is filled with germs and bacteria. It is important to kill these germs and bacteria to ensure a safe and healthy home. Sunrise Chem-Dry offers a sanitizer that can kill 99.99% of all germs and bacteria. Adding a sanitizer to your cleaning will ensure that your home is safe for you, your family, and your pets. This product is also chemical free yet still has the ability to remove all germs and bacteria from your carpet! If your pet has urinated on your carpets, ask your technician for sanitizer to make your carpets extra clean!


We all have that closet full of different candles, room sprays and plug ins. If you want your home to smell like fresh cut oranges for months on end, ask Sunrise Chem-Dry about their deodorizer. Their deodorizer adds a fresh and clean scent to your home that lasts. Your carpets will not only look brand new, but also smell wonderful!

Check The Reviews for the Best Pet Carpet Cleaning Service

Sunrise Chem-Dry is the best for pet carpet cleaning service! If you are still not convinced, look for Sunrise Chem-Dry on Yelp and Google. You will be capable of getting the honest opinions of many others that have used our services before. If you want to rid your home of urine odor yet still keep your home safe and healthy, Sunrise Chem-Dry is for you. This professional pet carpet cleaning service will save your carpet! Schedule your appointment today and then sit back and relax in your fresh and new home!