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Providing A Better Home For Our Customers Doing Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Carpet Repair, and Leather Cleaning.

Our goal is to provide the best cleaning service for home or business. Its a big plate to step up to, but we are ready for the challenge at Sunrise Chem-Dry. We have cleaned over 6,000 homes and have a 5 star rating on yelp, google+, and Facebook. If our customers are happy then so are we.

History of Chem-Dry

As a young man working his way through law school in the early 1970’s, Robert Harris was a carpet cleaner who was working for someone else. Unhappy with the performance of the cleaning products then available, he began looking for a better solution. His research stretched into years and years of studying the chemical properties of cleaning formulas and years of backbreaking experiments which required cleaning areas of dirty carpets with one formula and then another

Eventually, he developed a revolutionary carbonated solution that not only cleaned beautifully, but was also safe and non-toxic. With the birth of Chem-Dry in 1977 came self-employment and success. The demand for his cleaning services mushroomed and soon friends and family clamored for his secret.


David Gaulden



I have a BA in Computer Information Systems from NAU. My hobbies are disc golf, computers, fishing, and cleaning. I enjoy every moment I have with Sunrise Chem-Dry and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Jennifer Gaulden


Quality Control

Has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Aspen University. Jennifers hobbies are dog training, photography, and cooking. She loves to volunteer at church and help others.

Erich Pearson


Master Tech

Kaleb loves to run and race in marathons. His hobbies are computers and video games.

Erich Pearson


Master Tech

Erich has an AA in Computer Information Systems. His hobbies are music, gym, and producing music.

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