How To Get Cat Pee Smell Out Of Couch

How to get cat pee smell out of couch? Sunrise Chem-Dry has an amazing cat pee urine removal process that works wonders on couches. Cat urine if untreated can off gas for years with a pungent odor. So we recommend when your cat pees on your couch to get it cleaned by the professionals. So lets dive in and explore our process.

First, our technician will inspect the couch with a black light. Cat pee has a fluorescent glow when a black light shines on it. Once we have located the spot we will then do a smell test to make sure its active. If it’s active, then at that point we would need to put our special PURT treatment on the couch and allow it to soak in for about 5-10 mins.

Once the treatment has been applies the technician will start setting up cleaning equipment to then clean the couch. The cleaning process of the couch will take about 30 mins to an hour to get the couch fully cleaned. Once its cleaned we then do will do smell tests on the areas that we treated. If we still smell the cat pee on the couch we will apply an additional treatment and reclean the area. Sometimes spot need to be cleaned 2-3 times before the spot has no more odor. And this depends on if the pee spot is large or if the pee spot has been peed on more then once.

After the couch has been cleaned and the cat pee odor has been removed the couch will take 1-3 hours to dry. During the drying time we recommend to put a fan on

Pet Stain Damage

Pet Stain Damage

the couch to help it dry and to keep the cat away from the couch until it drys. We also do the same process for carpet cleaning when dealing with pet urine.