Green Certified Cleaning 2017

We stick to a high standard when it comes to cleaning and the solution we use to clean. The chemists at Chem-Dry work hard each and every day formulating our solution to adhere to the ITC standards. In addition, Our cleaning solution is green certified and meets environmental standards for reducing human and aquatic toxicity and reducing air pollution. We currently have 34 different types of cleaning solution that meets the ITC standards:

  • Natural V

  • Natural for Wool

  • Area Rug Cleaner

  • P.U.R.T Liquid

  • Spot Remover

  • Brown Out

  • Commercial Pro

  • Green Monster Pre-Spray

  • Stone, Tile & Grout Sealer

  • Dust Mite Anti-Allergen

  • Stain Extinguisher

  • Renew Clean & Seal

  • Granite Countertop Cleaner 1

  • Granite Countertop Residue Remover Step 2

  • 6 Chem-Dry Fragrances

  • Super Charger

  • PowerGuard

  • Wet Foam Cleaner

  • 6 Carpet Deodorizers

  • Benefect Decom 30

  • Pet Odor Remover

  • Hard Floor Cleaner

  • Granite Countertop Sealer Step 3

  • Granite Countertop Polish Step 4

  • Mild Cleaner

  • Dye Lock

  • Chem Clean

  • Ensure

  • Fixer

  • Insurance

  • Radiance

  • Final Rinse

  • CCP Gold

  • Haitan Cotton Uph. Cleaner

Sunrise Chem-Dry uses these cleaning solutions when cleaning your home or business. The one solution we use that is not on this list is sanitizer. Sanitizer is a chemical designed to kill all germs and bacteria. This is great for homes that have pet stains or some one was just sick and you want to remove all the germs and bacteria. Don’t worry though once we spray your carpet, upholstery, or tile with sanitizer we use The Natural to remove this chemical so once the cleaning is done your home will green certified cleaned.

So the next time you are looking for a carpet cleaner see if they are using green certified solutions. Its important because this is your home or business and its best to clean with safe solution that doesn’t attract dirt or leave any residue. This is something we are proud and excited to be apart of at Sunrise Chem-Dry.

About the Author:

Carpet Cleaning Glendale Arizona and upholstery cleaning is our specialty. We love making carpet and upholstery look new and do it all with our green certified cleaning solution.


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