Chem-Dry in Pinnacle Peak is well known throughout the valley for their cleaning process. One of the reasons they come so highly recommended is due to the fact that the cleaning generally dries within 1-3 hours. Also, Chem-Dry uses a green certified solution that is not harmful to children and pets in the home.


The recommended period of time for a professional carpet cleaning in Pinnacle Peak is every 6-8 months. A deeper clean with Chem Dry includes the removal of bacteria, dander, and germs in the carpet. Getting a professional deep clean will keep your home healthy and cleaner longer. 


Upon arrival, the technicians do a complete pre-inspection. This includes a blacklight inspection mainly to determine if there are any urine spots. We do this because we do have a urine removal treatment that can get rid of the stain and the smell. We also want to find any other major spots that may need more treatment and more attention and care.


Pre-treatment is designed to treat the gray high traffic areas. Pre-treatment can also be used on any tile and upholstery cleanings. Pre-treatment is designed to boost the general cleaning and increase the effectiveness rate. Extra pre-treatment may be needed for the tougher more used traffic areas.
Carpet Cleaning Pinnacle Peak

Carpet Cleaning Pinnacle Peak

Pinnacle Peak Carpet Cleaning


Chem Dry has made many advancements in cleaning technology because of the longevity of the company. We only use the best and newest cleaning tools to give you the best cleaning possible. 
For carpet and area rug cleaning we use the Hot Carbonation Extraction system that allows us to give you a deeper clean. The system uses strong rotary brushes that causes a strong agitation that allows the solution to get deeper into the carpet fibers. The system also extracts 80% more water than a steam cleaners equipment can extract. 
The Natural solution we use attracts the dirt to the solution and creates bubbles to form and rise to the surface where it can be easily extracted.The Natural will not leave any soapy residue or chemical smell to be detected. The solution is green certified and can be safely applied in the home. Because the solution is eco friendly, it can be disposed of safely without harming the environment.


SPOT REMOVER: Our spot remover is used on the especially tough stains that we encounter. Because it is a stronger product, the technicians will be sure to test an area to check for any discoloration. 
SANITIZER: The Chem Dry sanitizer kills bacteria, fungus, and viruses. The sanitizer removes 89% of airborne bacteria and 98% of household allergens. Removing the household bacteria and allergens will help ensure an illness free zone.
PROTECTANT: Protectant is offered after each cleaning to ensure a longer lasting cleaning. The application of protectant will protect the entire carpet fiber. The protectant will allow you to pick up a mess faster so that it will not stain the area.
PET URINE REMOVAL TREATMENT: Chem Dry’s pet urine removal is enzyme treatment designed to get rid of urine. The treatment is strong enough to get into the backing of the carpet and completely destroy the urine. It removes both the smell and the stain. Applying the treatment will remove 99.2 % of bacteria found in pet urine and 99.9% of odor emitting from the urinated area.
With Chem Dry and carpet cleaning in Pinnacle Peak, you get the best possible cleaning for your money and time spent.