We all have that favorite piece of furniture or second hand office furniture that is so comfortable and inviting.  My household is no exception. Several years ago I purchased a blue microfiber sofa, which doubles as a sleep sofa, in anticipation of those out-of-town guests.  Well, I’ve never had any out-of-town guests, but the sofa is a Mecca at the end of my work day, and my Best Furry Friend Forever (BFFF) Bailee shares the comfort with me. We have experienced day after day, year after year of relaxation and contentment.  

With all that quiet repose came spills, accidents, cola stains, paint stains (I hadn’t tried to paint the couch, just moved it out of the way with paint on my hands while painting the family room! Every stain imaginable had graced that couch. I guess it’s a part of daily life to expect spills to happen but maybe not so much on the paint stains.

Stain Extinguisher

Chem-Dry Spot remover called the stain extinguisher

I tried many different methods of treating the stains. I had purchased several different spot cleaners from my nearby household goods department store. All they accomplished was leaving an unsightly ring around the stain. I even bought a cleaning machine that heralded itself on being great for cleaning small upholstery jobs. Well, it was a nice thought but it didn’t even come close to getting the sofa cleaned, plus it left some prominent brush marks on the upholstery. 

After some time I realized I needed to find the best upholstery cleaning service possible to clean our comfy haven.  I reached out to a couple of friends and neighbors who I know have similar sofas, but they were never able to find a quality upholstery cleaning service they were happy with. Some services were too expensive, other cleaning efforts left my friends’ and neighbors’ furniture wet for too long a period of time, and others weren’t able to remove stains.

A coworker recommended Chem-Dry, saying they were very pleased with the results after Chem-Dry cleaned and got their beige microfiber sectional spotless! My coworker also has dogs, children, food and drinks all over her furniture so I thought I’d give Chem-Dry a try!

I called our local Chem-Dry and told them how my sofa really needed a good cleaning and disclosed the level of stain detail.  The customer service representative explained their cleaning process to me and was confident they could restore my sofa to a much better condition! Happily, they had an open appointment the very next day!

The Chem-Dry technician arrived right on time and evaluated the cleaning job. He used a black light to determine just where the pet stains were on my sofa.  He used a pretreatment solution he called P.U.R.T. which would treat the stains and in doing so would explode the urine crystals to the surface which would aid in removal, destroying them once and for all.  He recommended not just the pretreatment and cleaning but also a sanitizer which would kills germs and bacteria left from the pet urine. He also recommended a deodorizer which gave my sofa a clean citrus smell.

The technician also explained that the sofa would take a little longer to dry since a P.U.R.T. treatment takes about 24 to 48 hours to completely remove the urine odor, but afterwards – wait for it – there was no more urine smell! 

My lovely sofa not only looks almost brand new, but is freshened and was cleaned so expertly.  My search for the best upholstery cleaning service ended with Chem-Dry.  I will recommend them to my friends and acquaintances and will undoubtedly use them for all my future upholstery and carpet cleaning needs.