Many people ask me what is it that makes Chem-Dry carpet cleaning so different than the rest. I want to explain our process, so you can understand the immense benefits of Sunrise Chem-Dry carpet cleaning. Not only will I be explaining our process but also our additional benefits in comparison to others.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is often mistaken for being a ‘dry cleaning’, which uses no water when cleaning your carpets. The ‘Chem” in Chem-Dry actually stands for chemistry! The reason we have added the acronym for chemistry in our name is because of the scientific background which created our cleaning method.

What makes Chem-Dry chemistry related? Chem-Dry carpet cleaning uses a solution that is 100% green certified that is both kid and pet friendly. When this solution is heated up to 220 degrees it creates bubbles within the carpet, which encase dirt and bacteria within them. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning then uses an extraction machine to suck up all of those bubbles and remove them from your home.

The benefit to this method is that it requires 70-80% less water than other carpet cleaning methods. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is done quickly and the carpets are only wet for 1-2 hours. The ‘Dry’ in Chem-Dry comes from this fact. With the use of less water, there is also less chance of mold and resurfacing spots. When carpets are wet, they attract more dirt so it is important for carpets to dry in a timely manner.

So what makes Chem-Dry carpet cleaning different from other methods?

While Chem-Dry carpet cleaning uses an extraction method, other methods do not which can leave your carpet saturated with water or not cleaned thoroughly. A very common carpet cleaning method that many know about and use is steam cleaning.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning uses a large amount of water at high pressures to jet out dirt from the carpet. The cleaning is effective but because of the large amount of water used in this process, the carpets stay wet for about 1-2 days. Many steam cleaners will ask you to use a carpet fan to decrease the dry time of your carpets. This may decrease the dry time but because of the large amount of water used, your carpets have more of a chance of collecting dirt and bacteria as well as molding below the surface.

When using a steam cleaner rather than Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, they express that it is best to get your carpets cleaned 3-4 times a year. With Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, we clean well enough that it is only necessary to clean your carpets every 6 months to a year. Not only will you be saving money in the long run but your carpets will be much healthier, from the foundation to the air.

The other thing that many people do not think about when looking for a carpet cleaner, is hidden fees. Many carpets cleaning Glendale AZ companies claim their cleaning solution is 100% green certified, if this were true they would have no disposal fee. Solution that is green certified can safely be dumped into sewage lines, whereas non-green certified solution needs to be disposed of differently due to the toxins within it.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning truly uses a 100% green certified solution, so a disposal fee is not necessary! Chem-Dry carpet cleaning solution is truly safe enough to drink so there is no fear of a pet or child getting sick from the solution.  I advise everyone to always ask about a disposal fee when looking for a carpet cleaner due to this hidden fact!

Dry Cleaning

Another common carpet cleaning method is dry cleaning. This type of cleaning uses no water at all, but rather a powder that is spread along the carpet. This method is wonderful for removing dirt from the surface of your carpet but lacks the ability to get deep within the carpet fibers. Essentially, this method is like a deeper vacuuming and nothing else. An example of this cleaning is called Oxi fresh carpet cleaning. The cleaning is great in the fact that its dry times are essentially nothing at all. It cleans the surface of your carpet extremely well but lacks the ability to get deep within the fibers.

Dry cleaning also lacks the ability to remove the presence and odor of urine. Due to its inability to get deep down into the carpet fibers, it cannot remove the entirety of the urine stain. Many dry cleaners will say that they can remove urine deposits and odor but they are essentially just dousing your carpet with a detergent that they can only remove 60% of when they vacuum. Due to no extraction method, that detergent sits in the carpet fibers and attracts more dirt in a shorter amount of time. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning uses an urine removal enzyme that gets deep into the carpet, encases the urine and then eats away the acid and pheromones. Once the urine has been encased, Chem-Dry carpet cleaners use an extraction method to remove the urine entirely.

Carpet Cleaning Tools

Many carpet cleaners differ form Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in another way as well. A common cleaning tool that is used is shaped like a wand. This wand does extract water and lay down solution into the carpet but lacks the ability to clean all sides and angles of the carpet fibers. When a wand is used it is generally used in only one direction which leaves dirt trapped in other directions.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning uses a cleaning tool that spins in a circle gently over the carpet. Due to this design, the solution is capable of getting on every angle of the carpet fibers as well as get extracted from every angle also. This ensures that every side of the carpet fibers are cleaned deeply and completely so no dirt is left behind.

What are the benefits of Chem-Dry carpet cleaning?

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning has many benefits! Chem-Drys solution removes 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery and 89% of airborne bacteria and allergens! Chem-Dry carpet cleaning gets deep within the carpet to ensure a thorough and deep clean. This deep extraction will leave your home cleaner, healthier, and fresh. We also offer a sanitizer that will remove all of the germs within your carpet making it safer for you, your pets, and your children.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning includes a pre-treatment which will rid of high traffic areas and spots on your carpet or upholstery. This has no extra cost because it is something we feel all carpet cleaning should involve. There are no hidden fees for Chem-Dry carpet cleaning either which means you will not go through sticker shock when your technician completes the cleaning!

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning also offers a protectant that will make it easier to clean up accidental spills or dirt residue between professional cleanings. Unlike other carpet cleaners, Chem-Dry carpet cleaning only advise getting your carpet cleaned once or twice a year, rather than three to four times a year. (This is proof that Chem-Dry carpet cleaning lasts longer than other carpet cleaning methods.)

Your carpets will dry within 1-2 hours rather than days! Chem-Dry carpet cleaning can also add a carpet deodorizer which will leave your carpets smelling like summer breeze or Hawaiian citrus! Unlike other carpet cleaners, Chem-Dry carpet cleaning already leaves your carpets smelling and feeling clean before adding on special and fun scents. (Who wouldn’t want a fresh citrus scent though?)

Companies Promise

Chem-Dry is an honest company that wants nothing more than to make your home as clean as possible. With our competitive prices, we make sure you are receiving a good deal for the carpet cleaning you will be receiving. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is worthy of your loyalty and we seek to prove that with our carpet cleaning results! Our technicians have been professionally trained and have a passion for their job. Our Chem-Dry team is honest, respectful, informative and polite!

If Chem-Dry carpet cleaning does not live up to your standards, we will come back and touch up any spots or areas that were not cleaned to your expectations. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning offers a 30 day warranty on your carpets. We have happily held a 5 star review from our customers and continue to clean for our lifelong clients. We want nothing more than to continue making our clients safer, healthier and happy. Become one of our new lifelong members today!

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