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Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners vs Steam Cleaning

Meet the best professional team for Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning services. We put our selfs against the uncleanable carpet to see what our results would be. Our green carpet cleaning solution removed all of the dirt with our Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction Process which is different from your typical steam cleaner. We believe that clients are our real assets, quality service is our top priority, and customer satisfaction our primary goal because of these specialties we are one of the leading and in-demand carpet cleaning Scottsdale businesses in the city.

Thank you Sunrise-Chem dry! They fit me in same day, arrived on time and were a pleasure to work with.  I could not be happier, my carpets look nice. I had several spots, which are gone. 🙂 I absolutely love how quickly the carpets dry. I will absolutely use Sunrise Chem-Dry again.

Jennifer L., Yelp

Was moving out of my apartment and had David come and clean them. I have a big German Shepard dog so I knew there would be hair in the carpets….but they pulled so much more than I could’ve expected (even though I vacuum everyday). My carpets went from dingy to super clean and soft! They are amazing and it smells amazing. This carpet honestly looks better now than it did when I moved in 2 years ago and it wasn’t even too expensive! I definitely recommend this company to anyone.

Camio R, Google+

Carpet looks like new every time they come out. We clean our carpet every 6 months, always professional & on time.

Sam L, Google+

They called ahead of time to say they were on their way. Arrived exactly on time. They were courteous and very professional. I did not think the carpets would come out as clean as they did since they had not been cleaned in quite some time. We were going to put down new flooring, but as good as it looks now, we will keep the clean carpets !! We willl have them back now on a more regular basis

Jeff T, FaceBook
Green Carpet Cleaning Scottsdale

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale

A Drier. Cleaner. Healthier Home Starts with Chem-Dry

Chem-Dry stands for chemistry that is dry. Our main cleaning solution for carpet and upholstery is revolutionary in the cleaning world. At 200+ degrees The Natural (our main cleaning solution) creates millions of bubbles and these bubbles attach them selfs to dirt and with our advance new technology called the PowerHead we agitate it into the carpet, breaking the dirt, and then extract the dirt and The Natural. This perfect balance to cleaning provides a faster drying time of 1-2 hours, cleaned with our green certified solution The Natural, and it makes your carpet smell fresh with every cleaning with our professional deodorizer. At Sunrise Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners Scottsdale we are excited to be serving our customer with this revolutionary process. We have been serving Arizona with the highest bar of excellence in carpet and upholstery cleaning.

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Hiring The Right Scottsdale Carpet Cleaners Make The Difference

We know there are many options for local carpet cleaning in Scottsdale and the types of services available. But selecting the right carpet cleaners that have fast dry times, green certified cleaning solution, and trained technicians that care about your needs is hard to come by. Thats why Sunrise Chem-Dry is rated one of the top local Scottsdale carpet cleaners in the East Valley. This happens by providing award winning services at a great price.

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How to get cat pee smell out of couch? Sunrise Chem-Dry has an amazing cat pee urine removal process that works wonders on couches. Cat urine if untreated can off gas for years with [...]

Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning Services

We are excited that we have been carpet cleaning in Scottsdale, Arizona for a number of years. We believe that we provide the best carpet cleaning experience that Chem-Dry has to offer. We use all green-certified cleaning products – not all carpet cleaning companies in Scottsdale do this – and that are safe for your kids and pets and that dries in 1-2 hours.

Sunrise Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaner has amazing Yelp, Google+ and Facebook reviews from all of our wonderful customers. Sunrise Chem-Dry is not as expensive as other companies and offer comprehensive carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, RV cleaning, mattress cleaning and carpet repair services.

Green Carpet Cleaning Scottsdale

Welcome to Sunrise Chem-Dry

A Green-Certified Scottsdale Carpet Cleaner

At Sunrise Chem-Dry of Scottsdale, Arizona, we pride ourselves on providing the best carpet cleaning services while prioritizing the health and well-being of our customers and the environment. Our certified Green carpet cleaning methods ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process without compromising on safety.

Certified Green Carpet Cleaning Services

Our carpet cleaning services at Sunrise Chem-Dry are designed to deliver exceptional results while using environmentally friendly techniques. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy home and strive to provide the highest quality service in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas.

Welcome to Sunrise Chem-Dry

A Green-Certified Scottsdale Carpet Cleaner

At Sunrise Chem-Dry of Scottsdale, Arizona, we take pride in offering the finest carpet cleaning services that go above and beyond industry standards. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with a superior carpet cleaning experience while prioritizing the health and well-being of your home and the environment. With our certified Green carpet cleaning methods, we ensure outstanding results without compromising on safety.

Experience Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to carpet cleaning, our professional carpet cleaners have the expertise to deliver exceptional results. We specialize in professional carpet cleaning services that leave your carpets looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Our team utilizes advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean your carpets, removing dirt, allergens, and stains effectively.

Unmatched Cleaning Process

At Sunrise Chem-Dry, we follow a meticulous carpet cleaning process that guarantees outstanding outcomes. Our professional carpet cleaning process involves pre-inspection, where we carefully assess your carpet fibers and identify any problem areas. Then, we apply our specialized cleaning solutions that are safe and effective for carpet fibers. Our state-of-the-art equipment penetrates deep into the carpet, extracting dirt and grime, leaving your carpets thoroughly cleaned.

Comprehensive Services for a Spotless Home

In addition to our top-notch carpet cleaning services, we offer a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions to enhance the cleanliness of your home. Our upholstery cleaning service revitalizes your furniture, removing stains and odors while preserving the fabric’s integrity. We are also experts in tile and grout cleaning, utilizing powerful techniques to restore the original shine and luster of your tiled surfaces.

Catering to Scottsdale’s Diverse Neighborhoods and Zip Codes

Our carpet cleaning services extend throughout Scottsdale, including its diverse neighborhoods and zip codes. Whether you reside in the luxurious Paradise Valley area (zip code 85253), the bustling Old Town Scottsdale (zip code 85251), or the family-friendly McCormick Ranch (zip code 85258), our experienced team is well-equipped to handle all your carpet cleaning requirements. We understand the unique characteristics of each neighborhood and take pride in serving the specific needs of Scottsdale residents.

Tailored Solutions for Scottsdale’s Unique Flooring

Scottsdale homes feature a variety of flooring types, from plush carpets to elegant tile and grout. Our professional carpet cleaning services are designed to address the specific challenges posed by different flooring materials. Whether you need a thorough carpet cleaning in your Scottsdale residence or a meticulous tile and grout cleaning for your business in the Scottsdale Airpark area, our experts utilize advanced techniques and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deliver exceptional results.

Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction

At Sunrise Chem-Dry, we prioritize delivering quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our professional carpet cleaners are dedicated to exceeding your expectations with their attention to detail, professionalism, and expertise. We believe in providing a carpet cleaning experience that leaves you impressed and delighted. Our commitment to great customer service extends from the moment you contact us until we complete the job.

Safe, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Creating a healthy home environment is our priority. That’s why our professional carpet cleaning methods and solutions are completely safe and free from harsh chemicals. We are proud to be a certified Green carpet cleaning company, offering eco-friendly alternatives that are gentle on your carpets and safe for your family and pets.

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Welcome to Sunrise Chem-Dry

A Green-Certified Scottsdale Carpet Cleaner