All of us pet owners know just how difficult it is to remove urine odor. If your pets are anything like mine, they can leave accidents in places we don’t even notice and without any warning. Sometimes it can go unnoticed and because of this, the smell can begin to permeate throughout the home. It is extremely difficult to remove urine odor and no matter how many “miracle products” you buy from the store, that pet urine smell never seems to go away. I had tried everything under the sun to try and remove urine odor from my carpet, including DIY recipes. Nothing seemed to work no matter how much time and money I put into it.

Being a pet owner, the frustration escalated after every failed attempt to remove urine odor from my carpets. I had finally had enough and decided it was not something I could do myself. I called Sunrise Chem-Dry to try and remove urine odor from my carpet. Though I was skeptical at first, I did not think it was possible to remove urine odor from my carpet without complete replacement. To my surprise, my carpet was brought back to life thanks to Sunrise Chem-Dry.

The technician used a black light in order to show the places in which my pets had their accidents. I initially thought it was just a couple of areas but to my surprise, my carpet was covered in pet urine spots (I was horrified!). Once the technician found my pets favorite spots to go potty in my home, Sunrise Chem-Dry used a special enzyme product called P.U.R.T. (pet urine removal treatment) to remove urine odor from my carpets. I also got my carpets cleaned as well which resulted in the best looking and smelling carpet I have ever had (No more urine odor!). My carpet was so clean that a post look under the blacklight showed no spots of any kind!

Sunrise Chem-Dry only uses 100% green certified solution for both their cleaning and when they remove urine odor with P.U.R.T. Sunrise Chem-Dry’s products are completely safe for kids and pets which made me feel much better since I did not have to lock my pets away. Once the cleaning was done, my carpets were only wet for 1-2 hours, which meant I did not have to spend the entire day out of the carpeted areas within my home.

I have had a first hand experience in the need to remove urine odor from my carpets which is why I stand by Sunrise Chem-Dry carpet cleaning services Glendale AZ and will continue supporting them. Even if your pets are potty trained, accidents can occur. No matter how well trained a pet is, sometimes they are driven to leave messes on the carpet in your home for relief or to mark their territory. You may not even be aware of the accidents in your home that may require a professional to remove urine odor from your carpeted rooms. I never thought that my loving and well trained pets would leave as many messes as they had.

Before thinking that your carpets only have a couple of minor pet urine spots, make sure you regularly have a professional take a look at your carpets. (Do not let your carpets get as bad as mine have!). Sunrise Chem-Dry has proven to be effective in the process to remove urine odor from carpeting. Sunrise Chem-Dry also offered a sanitizer which kills 98% of allergens and germs from my carpets and even 89% of airborne bacteria. I adore having a clean home for my family and small zoo (I have 8 pets) to enjoy and live in. My house never felt so clean, fresh, and healthy!

If you know your pet has had a couple of accidents in your home and you need to remove urine odor, make sure you are not wasting your time and money on “miracle products”. Contact Sunrise Chem-Dry to remove urine odor and actually succeed! Your home will feel so much better and you can be happy with your pets knowing your carpet and home are truly clean!

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