can you remove pet odors from rugs permanently

Accidents happen regardless of how well-trained your dog is or how strictly you adhere to your potty-break plan. Whether on the carpet, rug, hardwood floor, or anywhere else, immediate action is the best method to ensure that dog urine does not leave a permanent mark (and smell). Even if you come across a dried pee puddle or stain, there are things you may do to get rid of the odor. Let’s look at ways you can permanently remove the stain and smell from your rug.

Urine Stains on a New Rug or Fabric

Your dog has just urinated on the rug. What happens next? Fortunately, you have the necessary cleaning supplies on hand. First, spread a thick layer of paper towels over the damp area and under it if feasible. Next, wrap it in a thick layer of newspaper.

You can either stand on the paper for a few minutes to assist it in absorbing the urine faster or leave it until most of the urine has been absorbed. Then, rinse the area with cool water after removing the paper. Vacuum excess moisture with a wet vac or use towels to blot it dry. Fair warning: the soggy towels will likely stink, which is good because it implies you’re extracting as much pee and its stench as possible.

After you’ve wiped up most of the liquid, the following step is to get rid of the stink, and your best weapon for this is a regular home item: peroxide. Pour the provide directly onto the stain. If you still need to do this with your rug, you should try it out in a not-so-obvious spot. While peroxide is safe for most carpets, some designer materials, such as dyed wool, may have an issue. Let sit for a couple of minutes before blotting up or vacuuming with a shop vac.

Another method you could try incorporates another common household item, vinegar. Combine two tablespoons of baking soda, one cup of water, and one cup of distilled white vinegar in a clean spray bottle. Shake it up to combine the chemicals before spraying on the stain. Allow it to settle for a few minutes before blotting it with towels until clean.

Dried Dog Urine and Pet Odors

What if you discovered the accident when it had dried? Or have you recently moved into a new home and found that the rug in the living room has animals on it? This could be dried urine stains or the oils from the animals. Either way, it needs a good cleaning.

Begin by thoroughly washing the area with simple water. Next, use a wet-dry carpet cleaning vacuum to saturate and suction the area until it is clean. Avoid using a steam cleaner because the heat can permanently establish odor and stain. If you don’t have a wet-dry vacuum, you can try repeatedly wetting and wiping the region with warm water and clean cloths. However, it would be best to invest in one. Typically a household steam cleaner can be used with cold water and shut off the heating element.

Once you have run the wet/dry vac over the area with just water, the next step is to pour peroxide into the cleaner, again, not using hot water. This will deliver the peroxide evenly over the rug. You may need to repeat this step several times. Keep in mind that the peroxide will bubble, so the wet-dry vac may need to be vented from time to time on the dirty water side. This is very normal.

Once you have done this several times, you will need to rinse the rug with water again to clear out any remaining peroxide. You should notice a massive difference as the peroxide will neutralize the odor.

Count on Sunrise Chem-Dry

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