my couch smells like body odor what do i do

Pet hair, misplaced remotes, spare change, crumbs, sweat, and gunky microorganisms call our couch home. The couch is frequently overlooked because it seems challenging to clean, does not accumulate dust, and we often use it. It’s easy to believe that it never gets dirty!

However, the fabric of your couch can gather hazardous bacteria and odor particles, resulting in a foul, unhealthy environment. This is especially true if you routinely use your couch to watch TV, hang out during snack time, or cuddle with your pet.

Sweat and other scents on your couch can make sitting on it uncomfortable. Sweat not only has a unique odor but can also discolor or stain the material when coupled with oil from the hair and body. Regardless of their construction type, couples are susceptible to perspiration scents, including vinyl and leather.

Trying to Clean Yourself

When you feel that your couch is no longer fresh smelling, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Well, for some do-it-yourselfers, this is a challenge. However, others will have peace of mind knowing they can call on help. Here at Sunrise Chem-Dry Cleaners, we understand that some people want to try doing it themselves. However, some people need more time, resources, and energy to clean their couches, mattress, rugs, and other things that are housing odors and bacteria. That’s okay. We are here for you either way. So let’s discuss some things you can do at home to help get that couch or mattress smelling fresh again.

To Begin…

There are a few ways to go about this yourself. If your couch cushions have zippers, you might want to throw the covers into the washing machine. This is the best way to get the covers clean. However, the odor could have sunk into the cushion foam. In this case, you can take them outside and use the hose to spray them down.

Next, the cleaner. While many swear by baking soda and vinegar, and this solution can be effective, another alternative is peroxide. Peroxide in a spray bottle or poured right onto the cushions will neutralize the odor. Another more costly alternative is to get enzyme cleaners specifically made to help treat body odor. Either of these options will do.

If your cushions cannot be unzipped, you will need to take the entire cushion out to be rinsed down by the hose. This is the best way to leave them outside to dry in the sun. However, if you don’t have access to a hose, you could take them to a do-it-yourself car wash. Another less effective alternative is to use a home steam cleaner to clean them.

Hire the Professionals

Cleaning your couch of body odor or furniture will require much effort. After all, the couch typically isn’t a tiny object, and cleaning will take some time.

Most people will want this done since your couch is quite an investment. This is a straightforward process. You need to pick up the phone and call 602-773-1198.

Our team of experts is experienced in carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. We will care for those odors and leave your home looking and smelling its best. When cleaning your furniture, you have come to the right place.

While we do understand that some like to do it themselves, others want to know the job was done as it should be. That’s where we, the professionals, come in. Call 602-773-1198 today!