Our little furry friends are a part of our family and we love them just as unconditionally as they love us. With the long cuddles and hours of play, we have made a friend for life in our cute little bundles of fur. With all the fun, love, cuteness, and entertainment it is easy to forgive our pets for the messes they leave in our home. The smell can permeate through our home making it very apparent we have animals in the household before they are even seen. What happens when our pets decide to leave us a mess on the floor when we leave the home for an hour to go grocery shopping?

Sunrise Chem-Dry is a pet loving company and one of the best carpet cleaning services Glendale AZ, which is why we want to help clean up those little presents our pets have left for you. The safety of your pets is very important to us which is why all of our products are pet friendly! Everything we use is green certified, child and pet friendly which means no toxins will ever be used in your pet occupied home. Not only are our products safe from any harmful chemicals, but they can get that odor out of your carpet with no problem at all! Sunrise Chem-Dry has been the leader in pet urine odor removal sector of the carpet cleaning and the RV cleaning industry for quite some time now. We set out to help make your home a healthy and fresh place for both you and your four legged friends. 

 Our pets are extremely important to us and help us in ways that cannot even be explained. We could not live life without them by our side and though the messes can get quite frustrating (especially when you ruin a great pair of socks by stepping in a puddle your pup left in the middle of the living room floor). Nobody wants a stinky spot on their floor that they need to try and avoid. No matter what cleaning product we use it just doesn’t seem to get the stench to go away ( I know that struggle all too well). Sunrise Chem-Drys pet urine removal treatment (P.U.R.T) not only rids of the unsightly spot left on your carpet but also gets rid of the odor that comes with it!  Your home will smell fresh and clean once Sunrise Chem-Dry is done (or fresh oranges if you choose to get a deodorizer with your cleaning! Yummy!) We also offer a sanitizer that will rid of 98% of all bacteria and allergens in your carpet and 89% of airborne bacteria which improves your homes overall air quality!! 

Now you are probably asking yourself… “My pet has an accident at least once a week, I can’t call to get my carpet cleaned that often just to remove the odor that comes from my pets messes. How could I fit that into my schedule that often?” We already took this into consideration, which is why we also offer a pet odor removal product that you can keep at home for any fresh presents your fur babies leave for you! 

So stop shaking your head and stressing about the messes your smiling puppy or purring kitten leaves behind. We are here to take care of your house and the pets you love. Call Sunrise Chem-Dry today to make your home a happier and healthier place for you and your adorable fur babies!