Wool is the oldest fiber and its the first fiber that was spun into yarn and woven into clothing and rugs. It comes mostly from sheep but can be taken from other animals. When woven into rugs they are normally your medium to high end rugs ranging in price from $200 on up. Depending on the size of the rug, grade, and age it causes the price to vary. If you own one of these elegant wool rugs you’ll want to maintain it and keep it clean because cleaning is cheaper then replacing.

Sunrise Chem-Dry is Woolsafe Approved by the Worldwide Accreditation of Carpet and Upholstery Maintenance Products. This means that the products we use for rug cleaning is safe on wool and wouldn’t cause any damage. Wool when cleaned has to be treated carefully because its a natural fiber and if the colors are not dyed properly when cleaned; the color could bleed, ruining your rug. Rest assured, we are Woolsafe Approved and we use a low water cleaning process so we don’t run into these problems. On the other hand, steam cleaners that use strong chemicals and lots of water can cause these problems and destroy your rug.

Color Dye Spreading

In addition to our cleaning solution being Woolsafe Approved all of our products are green certified so there not only safe on wool but they are safe for your home and business. When we clean we use 70-80% less water allowing your rug to dry in one hour allowing you to use it right away. We also recommend with all cleanings of wool rugs to add protectant. Wool is a natural fiber which makes it more prone to stains which is another reason you’ll want to protect it to keep it cleaner longer. At Sunrise Chem-Dry we use 5 steps to clean your wool rug:

  1. We first inspect to rug for any soiled or damaged areas
  2. Pre-vacuum to remove any top layer dirt
  3. pretreat any soiled or traffic areas on the rug with our WoolSafe Approved product called Green Monster Pre-Spray
  4. Extract the dirt, spots, and pre-spray with The Natural For Wool while apply our green certified protectant PowerGuard.
  5. Lastly, Groom wool rug

Applying theses 5 steps to your rug will keep it lasting for years to come.

In the many years of experience in cleaning wool rugs, the way my customers have been able to keep these precious, valuable and older rugs looking new is by regularly cleaning them and vacuuming them. These rugs are expensive, some as high as $25,000 and are usually well made because wool is a pricy material so it makes sense to clean and maintain these rugs.