Road trip!  That’s a sound many people like to hear. It calls for picking up and spontaneously hitting the road for a short day trip to one of Arizona’s many delightful tourist destinations.  Thoughts come to mind of Saguaro Lake, Sedona, Canyon Lake, Flagstaff. Each has it’s own points of beauty and all are within a reasonable travel distance in a day’s time.  

One day last fall I woke up to a beautiful, cooler Saturday morning and said to the family “Let’s head up to Sedona!” It’s truly one of my favorite spots to visit in Arizona. It’s such a scenic drive, full of cacti, saguaros, blue, cloudless skies.  The thrill of seeing the red rocks once you round that last bend before entering the Sedona region is just beyond words.

We packed the car with the usual snacking essentials to make our trip comfortable: juice boxes, sodas, cookies, gummy bears, chips.  We were ready for our trip! It wasn’t long into our journey that the unthinkable (but not unforeseen) happened: my son spilled an entire bottle of cola on the backseat! I pulled over to try to sop up as much moisture as I could but worried it was heading to be a set-in stain. 

Of course we enjoyed our day trip; we were, as always, taken with the beautiful scenery and the great spiritual sense of those red rocks. We did some hiking on Cathedral Rock Trail along the way, and even skipped some rocks at Oak Creek Canyon.  It was a wonderful day but I had this nagging feeling that I needed to get the car upholstery cleaned as soon as we got back to town.

I purchased some upholstery cleaner from my favorite household products store but that didn’t help in the least. It just left a ring around the already-conspicuous cola stain.  

My second try at removing the stain was having a local car detailing place take a stab at it, but their process included spraying the area with a prespotter and basically vacuuming the solution out with their wand.  No luck! Was the stain there for good?

Since I’ve had great success using Chem-Dry in the past for carpet cleaning and stain removal, I went out on a limb and was hoping they could also help me with this cola disaster. I called my local Chem-Dry, and they assured me their speciality is stain removal and of course they could help me with upholstery cleaning for my car!

Chem-Dry turned out to be the best upholstery cleaning for cars I had experienced yet! Their highly-trained, professional technicians knew just what they needed to do to rid me of this problem and clean and freshen my car along the way. 

The technician first sprayed the stain with a prespotter especially meant for water-based stains such as this.  The technician let the prespotter set for a short time, then began using Chem-Dry’s powerful truck mount system to quickly and easily remove not only the cola stain but tracks of those yummy gummy bears stuck to the back seat, along with years of ground-in dirt!  Since the great results were so evident, I asked the technician to also clean the carpets. Afterwards my car looked almost brand new! It was showroom worthy

Chem-Dry is an absolutely amazing company and I am well on my way to recommending them to all my friends and family whenever they are in need of not just in-home carpet and upholstery cleaning, but upholstery cleaning for their cars as well!