When should the tile be cleaned? Well, when you forget what the original grout color is or you can see the original color under a dinner table or a corner of the room. If this is the case then you’re a prime candidate for a good old fashion tile cleaning. Today there are two types of tile that are used in homes: natural stone and ceramic tile. In the 80’s and 90’s natural stone was the craze because of its natural beauty but the maintenance is higher. Starting in the 90’s and into the 2000’s ceramic started to catch on because of the low cost, low maintenance and the durability. So without further ado lets take a look into the history and the types of tile.

Natural Stone

Tile Cleaning

The earliest natural stone flooring was recored in the 13th century BC. Glazed and colored bricks were used to make low reliefs in Ancient Mesopotamia, most famously the Ishtar Gate of Babylon (ca. 575 BC), now partly reconstructed in Berlin, with sections elsewhere. Mesopotamian craftsmen were imported for the palaces of the Persian Empire such as Persepolis. Now lets fast forward, oh a couple of thousands of years and look at the advancement of the tile we use on todays flooring. There are eight types of that are used in todays flooring: sandstone, cantera, slate, flagstone, granite, travertine, marble, and limestone. Most of the tile that I see today is slate and travertine and out of these two travertine is 90% of the time.  Travertine has a beautiful natural look with small pockets of holes and when polished could have a shine. Natural stone is recommended to have protectant/sealant because its absorbent and can stain easily.

So when should you clean your natural stone tile? Well, I recommend once a year. Natural stone is vary absorbent, stains easy, scratches easily, and can loose its beauty quickly. So cleaning it once a year would help maintain its natural beauty.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is the most common tile you’ll see in old and new homes. Its easy to clean, maintain, its durable, and long lasting. In the 80’s and 90’s ceramic tile was considered a cheep substitute for tile flooring vs natural stone. But as more and more people got to experience the joy of natural stones maintenance the 2000’s brought on a new age of demand for high quality ceramic tile. The shift from the white 6 inch – 12 inch tile to a natural stone look and wood look that is 18 inches to 3 feet long has created a large demand for ceramic. This has also increased the price but in the long run it will last longer and require less cleaning.

Ceramic tile should be cleaned every 2-3 years to maintain the grout and to make sure the tile is cleaned and sanitized.


From professional cleaners stand point, I recommend to go with ceramic tile because its long lasting and durable so it can with stand spills, kids, and pets. The maintenance is minimal and though it may cost a bit more then natural tile it will last longer and be easier for you to clean it.