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Find out what the experts use for vacuums. We use all sorts of vacuums on floors and are experts on what will last and what will clean the best for your carpet.

How Do Professionals Clean Grout?

Before a professional can clean your grout, they must remove all the dirt. Afterward, they vacuum up any loose debris, ensuring the whole process is clean. They then use a high-powered handheld steam cleaner to penetrate the grout and break up dirt embedded in its pores. Then, they scrub it with a stiff brush. [...]

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Budget for Your Business Cleaning

Having a business is a large responsibility. It takes more than having a reliable and professional work force. Clients and customers are consistently coming in to set up appointments and speak with representatives. It is important to present your business in the most professional manner to ensure that there is trust between you and [...]

3 Best Vacuums For Carpet Cleaners

It is important to know the best vacuums for carpet cleaners when you are considering getting your commercial or residential carpet cleaned. You get what you pay for, it is a saying we have all heard before. This statement is accurate in many ways especially when choosing your vacuum. Carpet Cleaners need to use [...]

Whats The Best Method To Clean Your Carpets

AN ARTICLE BY DAVID There are a number of ways to clean your carpet from rentals at Walmart and home depot, steam cleaning, hot carbonated extraction, to dry solvent cleaning. Each of these types of cleanings will get your carpets cleaner, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Which cleaning method provides the most [...]

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