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Do You Have Dirty Tile?

When should the tile be cleaned? Well, when you forget what the original grout color is or you can see the original color under a dinner table or a corner of the room. If this is the case then you're a prime candidate for a good old fashion tile cleaning. Today there are two [...]

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3 Reasons to Protect Your Carpet, Upholstery, and Tile

Any time you get your carpet, upholstery, or tile cleaned you might be asked by the technician to apply protectant to what ever you're getting cleaned. This will normally increase the cost for your cleaning, but does the benefit truly out way the cost? Let take a look a the three reasons why I think [...]

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Wool Rug Cleaning – The Good, The Ba aa aad, and The Ugly

Wool is the oldest fiber and its the first fiber that was spun into yarn and woven into clothing and rugs. It comes mostly from sheep but can be taken from other animals. When woven into rugs they are normally your medium to high end rugs ranging in price from $200 on up. Depending [...]

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Green Certified Cleaning 2017

We stick to a high standard when it comes to cleaning and the solution we use to clean. The chemists at Chem-Dry work hard each and every day formulating our solution to adhere to the ITC standards. In addition, Our cleaning solution is green certified and meets environmental standards for reducing human and aquatic [...]

Whats The Best Method To Clean Your Carpets

AN ARTICLE BY DAVID There are a number of ways to clean your carpet from rentals at Walmart and home depot, steam cleaning, hot carbonated extraction, to dry solvent cleaning. Each of these types of cleanings will get your carpets cleaner, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Which cleaning method provides the most healthier [...]

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Pet Stain Tips

AN ARTICLE BY DAVID The hairy pals that share our houses bring something special to our lives. With ridiculous shenanigans, undemanding affection and also commitment, animals provide something that cannot be discovered anywhere else. Sharing our houses the way they do, it’s inevitable that they’ll likely add to the damage on a house. Dirty paws, [...]

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Make Your Office Happy and Healthy With Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning

Are you a small business owner struggling to compete with the ‘big guys?’ AN ARTICLE BY DAVID Are you a small business owner struggling to compete with the ‘big guys?’ Whether you’re an entry level salesperson, in mid-level management or the CEO of your company, the same rule applies: presentation is everything.  In other words, [...]

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